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For My Students

Dear Student,

Most likely you are here because I asked that you download some of the files on this page.

As you practice what's on those pages make sure you carefully follow my directions from your lesson.

1. Remember, you should never play so fast that you do not sound good.
Never sacrifice sounding good for speed. It is not worth it and not what music is about. Besides that it will only hold you back in your development as a guitarist.
Speed comes as you develop the technical facility to handle it.
These exercises are very good to help in that develpment.

2. Remember to think of these exercises as your opportunity to play the guitar perfectly. Take your time with them.
Make sure you move your R-hand (p,i,m,a) fingers correctly and that you place each finger of the left hand is always right behind the fret you are fretting.
Don't forget to release p,i,m,a correctly. We have talked about this in your lessons.
Listen very carefully for buzzes and excessive string squeaks.
Squeaks are accepted up to a certain point - it's a part of playing the guitar.
Buzzes however are never OK.

Please click below to download

Blank Manuscript Paper  
6 Stave  
8 Stave  
10 Stave  
2. Daily Exercises  
3. Pattern of Four  
4. Left Hand Alterations  
5. Pairs  
6. Chromatic Octaves  
7. Right Hand Arpeggios  
8. Left Hand Slurs  
9. Tremolo  



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